"The very best testimonial we continue to receive, is the opportunity to work with the great customers who continue to work with us"

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 A Better Courier Service


We have been using their service for over 6 months and have been impressed with their professionalism and promptness. The courier seems to go the “extra mile” to take care of us, which is greatly appreciated in today’s busy world.”
Rob C. - Nashville

“A Better Courier has provided this service for us with punctuality, courteousness and accurate deliveries. We would highly recommend A Better Courier for any courier needs that you might have.”
Teddi D. - Nashville

“A Better Courier Service has provided us with excellent service on an ongoing and emergency basis. We are pleased not only with their service, but we are especially impressed with Ron Jones’ assiduous attention to detail and his affable willingness to provide timely personalized solutions to our special problems.”
J. Baxter, M.D. - Nashville

“We have worked with them for approximately 4 months and during that time we have found them to be extremely reliable. We have found all their employees to be extremely competent, courteous and helpful. The company is always on time and has gone out of their way to accommodate us in every way we have asked. In my 28 years of experience at the hospital they are possible the best and most well managed courier service that I have had the pleasure of dealing with.”
Linda S. - Columbia

“Since our relationship with A Better Courier Service, Eso has not experience any courier service issues that affected the quality, including sample integrity and turn-around-time, for any of our divisions. A Better Courier Services staff members are professional and dependable (information from service inquiries by myself with our Nashville area clients). Of Eso 120 contract courier providers, I would rank A Better Courier Service within the top (3) percent.”
Jon W. - Texas

“I have found A Better Courier to be very customer oriented and easy to work with. They are price competitive and the invoices are very easy to read. The couriers wear their company (ABC) shirts and are friendly. I have to say A Better Courier has made my life easier since they became our courier service”
Suzanne P., Laboratory Administrative Director, Baptist Hospital

“A Better Courier has, and continues to provide, professional and dependable services to Vanderbilt Pathology Laboratory Services. I would recommend A Better Courier as a provider of quality, professional, courier services”
Tom P., Director, Vanderbilt Pathology Laboratory Services

“Our business relies on courier service to transport daily Time-Critical Medication to various hospitals in Middle Tennessee. A Better Courier has routinely provided professional, prompt and courteous service throughout our association, whether during normal business hours or after-hour emergent calls”
Steve A., Pharm. D., St. Thomas Radiopharmacy

“I would highly recommend their services for any transportation needs. Their couriers are friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. The professionalism displayed by their drivers is unquestionable and a major decision maker in our use of their services” Kenji W., Transportation Coordinator, Medical Ventures, Inc.

 “In the 10 years of service, there have not been any problems with the transportation of our samples. I highly recommend A Better Courier to be your courier company” Brenda N., Business Manager, Genetics Associates, Inc.

“We have been serviced by A Better Courier for many years now. They are a great company. I have found them to be reliable, courteous, extremely competent and always willing to go the extra mile in providing great service for their clients. I have dealt wit both couriers and administrative staff and have been extremely pleased with all employees I have come into contact with. I would highly recommend them to any company looking for a courier service”
Linda Jo S., Maury Regional Hospital Laboratory

“We are very pleased with this service. They provide us with excellent, timely service. I find that if I need to communicate with them, i.e.: Stat pickup, they are always available to take my call. The drivers are friendly, and stay on schedule”
Jody M., Lab Liaison Tech II, Vanderbilt Medical Group

A Better Courier service goes above and beyond the call of duty. What ever we need, they provide. We can always count on dependable and reliable service with A Better Courier” Bill A., CIO, Green Bank

 "We have found the couriers representing A Better Courier to meet and exceed our standards for excellence. The ABC staff has always been friendly and easy to deal with, and the pricing has always been competitive. I highly recommend A Better Courier service for your future courier needs” John B., Client Services, Pathology Associates of St. Thomas